Vehicles 1


Authors: Team modelers “Made in USSR Team”
The original model: Newuser
blanks Installation “Hurricane”: VIRU $
Finalization and envelope SpinTires: GuS_Corleone
MP/Achievements: No

The ZIL 135LM is a big 8×8 transporter which in this variant can carry a rocket launcher, fuel carriage, log carriage or repair carriage. Its a big truck with front and back steering wheels which helps with tight corners. Fun to drive and it the texturing and animation is of excellent quality on this mod.

Update 1-5-15 (By PressureLine)
* Engine and gearing adjusted to RL values
* Suspension adjusted to RL values
* Mass adjusted to RL values
* Exhausts moved to the correct position
* Added front marker flares
* Tail lights on addons work correctly
* ‘Tire pressure’ reduced
* Tire texture adjusted
* addons actually collide with stuff

screenshot.4040 screenshot.4041 screenshot.4042 screenshot.4043 screenshot.4044 screenshot.4045 screenshot.4046

Update 9-11-15
* Converted into latest_stable
* Added driver
* Adjusted exhaust again
* Two camera settings in the xml now. Cabin and Hood.
* Tweaked EngineStartDelay to 0.9 (thanks Monceras)

Update 16-11-15
* Added log cart, cart with crane and maz utility
* Now two 135 versions available, L = 3 speed auto, LM = 5 speed manual.


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    Nov 28, 2015 6:59 am

    Not sure what happened, but I have no sounds with this truck. I’m running the latest stable version of Spintires and the version of the truck to match. Also, the driver is not present and I’m fairly sure that the exhaust isn’t coming from where it should be coming from.

    Any ideas for how to fix this?

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