Yamal B6 XAM

Author: Ilya

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Frame: Articulated
Wheel formula: 6×6
Permeability: High
Exterior: Brutal luxury
-20 + addons its default and 6 types of wheel
-Sound “Ural_Polarnik”
-animation: speedometer, tachometer, drawstring PPC fan engine cooling radiator, exhaust, suspension, etc.
-color cabin: “Black Metallic”
-dorabotana maneuverability at turn-turn
-Realizovana optimization of light. By installing the addon “Vizor * 2” is included neon lights, the engine is started
-Ability to transport timber: 2 points (on a trailer), 3 points (on the machine), 4 points (by car), 5 points (3 + 2-car + trailer or 5-trailer), 6 points (dissolution), 8 points (3 + 5-car + trailer)
Maud will be updated and expanded!

Thank you for your assistance: Stalin, Dmitri GDS, Gregor 24, Marshal

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