American Wilds Maps

Villages Summer and Autumn 2 Map for American Wilds DLC

Author – Sasha Nanaev

Author Note


The map is complex with respect to dirt. If someone will be inconvenienced by a stick, you can search for mods, or mods on sticks, I just don’t care if they are there or not. The map was passed on the pack of the Urals Neht and M, from the community mBiG ™! And also after the release of another card, I will publish the refs from this card. Tobezh 10 houses and shop!

Features On the map

– 1 Garage (Open)
– 0 Refueling (2 refuelers)
– 1 Timber
– 1 Loading Points
– 0 Locator logs scavenge
– 4 Sawmills
– 4 Intelligence Points
– 3 Cars at the start (replaceable) + Cars on the map

Map size: (608×608)

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