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Ural 5322

Author: 3D models and textures from the game: a-50 Black Shark (DCS), OOVEE, ronnie.Addons: OOVEE, ronnie. Wheels: OOVEE, ronnie.

A nice 8×8 truck this Ural 5322. Three sets of tires and a list of addons to play with. Good details on the animation and suspension and the truck drives real solid. When put into low gear it can conquer nearly any terrain.


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    May 20, 2015 11:23 am

    I really like the way this truck looks and drives. The animations are very realistic and it’s generally very stable with good off-road ability.

    That said, I have a major problem with it, inasmuch as it won’t let me load anything other than some rocks and long-logs (with long-log trailer). It doesn’t seem to recognize when the truck is fitted with the correct body for the chosen load. Even with the long-log trailer fitted, for some reason the truck wanted to steer off to the side of the road, as if the trailer was steering the truck and not the other way round. It was unusable for this reason.

    I ran the STModUpdater after installation and cleared the cache, so it should have loaded OK. Has anyone else experienced this frustrating problem? If so, other than trying to download and instal again, are there any fixes for this?

    This really is a great truck, and it would be a pity to remove it, but at the moment it is pretty much useless within ST. Any help greatly appreciated on this.

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