Uploading to Spintires.nl

For many years uploading to this website has been quite an awkward process. Finally, I think we have a pretty simple way to have your mods uploaded. All you must do is follow a template (below) and then address an email to [email protected]. That is, it!

To – [email protected]
Subject – Map/Truck Name
Map/Truck Name
Author – name here
Description/Author Notes – This can be brief. Include info about what the intended purpose of the map is. Where it is set….
Features of Map:
– Garages -?
– Trucks at spawn -?
– Fuel Stations-?
– Objectives-?
– Lumber Points-?
– Cloaks-?
– Requires Spintires+-Yes/No
– Any other features….
– Photos – 5-10 is what you should be aiming for
Features of Truck:
– Amount of Damage Points-?
– Amount of Fuel-?
– Addons-?
– Requires Spintires+-Yes/No
     – Photos – 5-10 is what you should be aiming for
Any other relevant info…
Download Link
Preferred Release Date (I will try my best to work out a time)

I do hope this helps with any confusion. Please remember that the uploading of maps/trucks can take days depending on how busy I am.


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