Test drive – upgraded FJ40 pack

Today began good. Got a package from Bregel delivered on my digital doorstep with a very nice content. Christmas came early this year in the form of a rebuild stock FJ40 which no longer crashes the game when you exit and then start Spin Tires. PLUS a very cool looking SOA edition of that FJ40 PLUS a really awesome 6×6 version build from that FJ40.

My day cannot get any better than this. I already tested the trucks and send some findings back to Bregel but it is hard to concentrate on testing when such eye candy is rumbling along a forest path or through the mud like this. When this pack hits the game you all will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail that went into these beasts. I admit i looked at the naked frames of the trucks far too long, looking at all the details.

Here is some eye candy for y’all.

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22 Responses to Test drive – upgraded FJ40 pack

  1. Randal says:

    Is there any ETA on this mod, Im excited, It looks amazing!!

  2. wickedmatt717 says:

    Do those trailers come with the pack? If not where are they from?

  3. Braden says:

    Holy fack! I cant wait! I never had a problem with Bregel’s last FJ40, it was a beast and these look even more detailed.

  4. JACU says:




  5. Jinxer says:

    SO EXCITED!! I’ve been waiting for this mod since I cant remember!! 😀

  6. Jinxer says:

    Still no Troopy version though?? :/

  7. jezdan2 says:

    this is an excellent mod will this be released in steam workshop?

  8. firedog9662 says:

    cant wait to see this beast

  9. Kenneth Lewis says:

    I really want to drive this 6×6, I hope it’s released on the steam workshop because I fail at manually modding spintires XD

  10. Jinxer says:

    Release this for xmas PLEASE!!!

  11. Trucker Radio says:

    Does this mod pack come with a smaller trailer, like a little bantam or anything?

  12. macka says:

    When is bregel releasing this?

  13. macka says:

    Is Bregel still working on this?

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