Test Drive – Powers Jeep FC150

Author – Powers2440

Recently I had the pleasure of testing Powers latest creation a Jeep FC-150. He decided to make one after purchasing an FC in real life (you can check out an overview of it here For some of you people who don’t have any idea of what an FC-150 stands for it is a Forward Control and the 150 is the type of wheelbase and bed it had (150 being the Short wheel base).

Now back to the mod. It is a lot of fun to drive around in. Even though it may not be a beast rock crawler or an epic pre-runner, there is still something about it that makes it enjoyable to play with. As you can tell from the photos the truck looks great, and is also super detailed! It currently has 2 addons that are an overland trailer and a camper canopy. The overland trailer looks great but the camper canopy is way cooler because of the interior, that has actual cabinets and a bed inside that both look brilliant.

The handling of the truck is also great. It does feels realistically sluggish but can still get the job done – albeit slowly. At the time of writing this, it has V8 engine sounds but Powers is planning to make real FC engine sounds by recording his own FC (I look forward to hearing them).

I am sure you guys will love this truck when he finally gets around to releasing it. Hopefully it will be out sometime after our overland run (Date TBD).

Edit: First test of sounds:

Powers latest FC teaser video





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