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Test drive – Monster Truck in the rain

A dual test drive this time. The newest version of the Rain mod by Draconus and a Monster Truck being worked on by BruteTerror. The rain mod is nearing its completion and looks really good. Thanks to SID it also has the sound of thunderstruck in the distance and Draconus is going to try to add a lightning flash into the rain mod for added effect. It is so close to completion now i can guarantee this mod will make a lot of people happy.

And that Monster truck. Wow what a beast. You can, if executed properly, do wheelies with it but it also rocks in doing a obstacle course. It is not completed not yet as BT is working on fixing the shocks so they do not glitch. But haven driven this monster i can conclude it really does not an obstacle course map ment for Monster trucks. This thing will rip right through it.

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