Spin Tires Plus

Author: Localhost Source: Oovee Text from the author: SpintiresPlus is a collection of hacks for Spintires meant to alter some of the hardcoded elements. Features: v8: Forum thread -Constraints drivable outside the advanced menu -Speed improvement (mostly on menus) -Garage/fuel/objective/etc icons on the external minimap -Customizable truck-trailer link strength -New, … Continue reading

Level – Spin

Author: renemod Source: stmods.ru Nice muddy map with lots of good use for objects. Terrain layout gives some nice challenges, like driving under the bridge or on it ;). All in all a nice solid map to have some fun on.

Spin Tank

I found this gem here and it basicly is a old old version of the game from way back in 2011. I have no information on who made it and how but it does show a T-90 tank with working tracks. Which, in my opinion, does give hope for the future! … Continue reading

Spin Tires Demo 2009

Stumbled upon this on the big web. The demo from way back in time (2009) which is basicly the origins of Spin Tires. Only 18mb in size this demo is so i advice to download it and play it. It’s the best way the recognize the amount of progress that … Continue reading

Spin Tires at GamesCon + Questions

Oovee is live at the GamesCon in Cologne. Checkout the semi-live thread on the Oovee forum for pictures made by Flanna (one of the forum moderators). GOT QUESTONS FOR THE PRODUCERS FROM OOVEE? GO HERE AND PASS THEM ON TO FLANNA!