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ST14 – Trailer Pack 3

Author: Arraial
ST14 Converter: Anders Orum
Source: Oovee

** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku **

Copied from Oovee

This mod does NOT disable multiplayer or achievements, it works online and other players can see it if they got it aswell.

New Trailers in v1.0:
HEMMT Water Container Trailer
HEMMT Trailer
HEMMT Trailer with Btr Tank
HEMMT Trailer with Bulldozer
HEMMT Trailer with Container


Just put the “Media” folder from the zip file into your “Spintires” folder and replace files if asked.
If you want to use the trailers with the Maz 7310 and the Zil copy and paste this into your maz2.xml and zil.xml:

This will disable multiplayer and achievements.

Maz 7310:

<KamazTrailer Offset=”(-2.751; 1.45; 0.0)” />
<UralCartTrailer Offset=”(-4.31; 1.145; 0.0)” />


<UralCartTrailer Offset=”(-2.451; 1.1; 0.0)” />

screenshot.3715 screenshot.3716 screenshot.3717 screenshot.3718 screenshot.3719 screenshot.3720 screenshot.3721 screenshot.3722 screenshot.3723


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    Feb 13, 2015 2:14 pm

    February 13, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Test ok.

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