Author: Arraial
Converter: Max Dmitriev

Originally build for the tech demo of 2013 this is the Praga V3S. In my eyes a truly iconic truck for the era in which the game takes place. The truck has excellent capabilities offroad and on tarmac. Can do just about any task.

Replaces the uaz car. No MP or achievements.

Package is updated to latest version of ST now.
** 3-3-15 ** Package updated. Suspension and wheels settings upgraded. Also made long and medium log trailer work better. Added real gears based on the Gearbox calculator sheet. There are now two files in classes\trucks named praga_Arcade gears.xml and praga_Real gears.xml. Rename either one to one of the default trucks. Real gears obviously gives you a more real life gears experience then the Arcade one.
** 5-11-15 ** Added latest stable version. Source

screenshot.3605 screenshot.3604 screenshot.3603 screenshot.3602 screenshot.3601 screenshot.3600

Latest stable screenshots:

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