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ST14 – MTVR 8×8

Author: Arraial
Source: Oovee

** Package update for latest version of Spin Tires **

THe MTVR we know and love from the 2013 tech demo has been ported into the full game by Arraial. This awesome 8×8 monster really kicks a**! You cannot yet install this mod into the game officially but for those who cannot wait there is a workaround. Read more below.

The text which follows now is copied from the Oovee forum:

Independent suspencion – All wheels Drive – 8×8 truck – Extreme Off-Road Capability.

Pack contein
1- MTVR 8X8 chassis
2- Mtvr PLS load crane Addon
3- Mtvr Generator container Addon
4- Mtvr_cistern addon.
5- mtvr_suport_cart.
6- mtvr_suport_canisters
7- mtvr_Fuel_reservoir
8- Mtvr_backup_wheel

Reference xml for buitin game addons

3- mtvr_kraz_tent
4- Mtvr_ural_cart

Note: do not use this addon combination (this will be fixed in the future) suport_cart – Mtvr PLS load crane – Mtvr Generator container but you can use this one

suport_cart – Mtvr Generator container

Credits – Original base mesh and textures by Arma Game
Remodeled and detailed in to a antimine defense truck by Arraial
Textures reworked, setup and animation skin and bones by Arraial
Engine Sounds by OoveE Studios (Kraz engine) note this can have changes in the future with real engine sound by Darkhorsel

P.s note because DarkHorsel are in Afghanistan in the moment they are unable to provide the souds for the Mtvr truck ….. For now this model use the Engine sound of the Kraz truck. Very sun they goin to be available the proper Sounds here.

All the model have animated suspencion and all the model have animation parts.
Install it manualy – Decompress the file in your Desktop , Drag the /media folder inside the main root folder of the game /ST / Make a backup first of media.raror all the game.

p.p.s. because addons like the ural crane was adapted and dont was made it for the Mtvr,  you need to be carefoult when you retract the crane automaticly, you need to rectract them more or less manualy in the saved position cause the mtvr cabin is to much high and the crane can be stuck there if you dont have caution.

screenshot.3333 screenshot.3332 screenshot.3331 screenshot.3330

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  • Reply
    Apr 10, 2015 2:48 pm

    NOTE 2: Do not use this addon combination:
    Mtvr_backup_wheel 1 or 2- mtvr_suport_canisters – mtvr_Fuel_Canister1_25l – mtvr_Fuel_Canister2_50l.

  • Reply
    Techno Delta
    Feb 18, 2016 6:36 am

    I REALLY want someone to update this mod! i want to play with it! T-T

  • Reply
    May 23, 2016 8:03 pm

    Since there is no download link I assume this mod has been suspended?

  • Reply
    May 21, 2019 7:05 pm


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