ST14 – Kamaz Mongo

Author: Jura Ismailov
MP/Achievement: No

Inspired by the Mongo truck this creation was made. It is a Kamaz Mongo. I admire the work that has been done on this mod. The truck looks great and has a choice in wheels and addons. Unfortunately hauling logs is not working because for some reason loading logs is not working. Have not looked into that yet. I might fix it but if you fix it before i do let me know!

263280_2014-11-23_00001 263280_2014-11-23_00002 263280_2014-11-23_00003 263280_2014-11-24_00001


Thanks to marcel79 the Kamaz Mongo can now haul short, medium and long logs. Go to the forum and give him some credit. The zip has been updated.

263280_2014-11-24_00012 263280_2014-11-24_00014 263280_2014-11-26_00001 263280_2014-11-26_00002


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