ST14 – KAMAZ 55102 v3

Author: Ronnie
Source: Oovee

The third 55102 version available. This one comes with several tires, trailer addons, truck addons and loads to go and.. load. Nicely done mod with good texturing and realism. Although it only has difflock it can go anywhere you want, within reason :). The truck has good animation and damage physics. 

No MP or achievements. Replaces ural in the game, replace with other truck name if needed.

screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-114423-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-133103-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-115409-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-114932-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-114517-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-114451-2014_Conflict

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