ST14 – Dude driver

Author: Gabe
Source: Oovee
MP/Achievements: unknown

Gabe has given us something to enrich our mods with. The Dude aka driver. Download the zip and upload the contents into your media folder. Then open the mod where you want to add The Dude as a driver.

In my example i have chose the FJ40 by Spunindarkness. Add the socket for The Dude underneath the GameData part.

<GameData FuelCapacity=”500″>
<driverSeat Offset=”(0.288; 1.288; 0.3)” />

Do it right and you get this:

Do it wrong and you end up with a floating dude:

Thanks to lamobot for getting us the numbers for the default trucks:
KRAZ – driverSeat  Offset=”(2.14; 1.7; 0.4)”
KAMAZ – driverSeat  Offset=”(3.58; 1.39; 0.8)”
URAL – driverSeat  Offset=”(2.14; 1.5; 0.5)”
ZIL – driverSeat  Offset=”(0.45; 1.35; 0.5)”

Drive safe Dude!

A new dude was created, Punk Dude! Author: nix951980


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