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Spintires: MudRunner Maps – Rox Valley Trailhead v4.2

Author: Dr GoNzO

Editor notes:

This is going to be a little different post than usual.
Since the Author did such a great job of making the post for me I’ll just leave it as it is.

Author notes:

Rox Valley Trailhead v4.2

Welcome to Rox Valley Trailhead!! Enjoy your stay!

>>>Low End PC Warning!<<<
Due to the shear number of rocks in this map, some people may experience a drop in performance, and may not be playable for some people with lower end pc’s. This may or may not be the case not enough info but the possibility is there for a lack in performance this is just a fair warning. Replys regarding your experiences on the map would be appreciated!

>>Map Features<<
Very technical hardcore rock crawling/ Trailing to be found here this is a half size map but feels much larger due to the very slow pace of these trails. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten trails and find your own! Welcome to Rox Valley Trailhead!

Navigation Signs/MapRoutes

(Quotes used because difficulty is subjective. This was based on my experiences…:P )
Blue – “Easy”
Green – “Intermediate”
Red – “Hard”
Black – Uncleared/old trails

Garages – 1
FuelStation – 1
Watchpoints/Cloaks – 6

Trucks – 3 (all 3 at starting staging area.)


I would advise you to use JSGME to install the map. This being the case all you need to do after setting up JSGME is to extract this map to the “MODS” folder that is created in the base game directory and enable the map, otherwise; If manually installing the map be sure that you include any and all files included with download. The map download is setup to install with JSGME having the correct file structure, and I dont advise a manual install of files unless you know what your doing.

>>Daytimes Installation<<
Install of the Daytimes files is as simple as copying the contents of the folder (Either the Summer, or Autumn folders included)to the>>classes>>daytimes folder and overwriting the files. Ive included the default daytimes if you want to go back to the original ones. Have some fun in the sun peeps!

Thanks for reading and Happy Trails!
Plz leave questions/comments in the thread love seeing pics/videos of your adventures!!!!


V4.1 Change Notes

  • Added more water all across the map in spots that werent being used.
  • Adjusted a few trails, minor tweaking.
  • Added a few rocks on one perticular off-camber section on the NW corner to help level things.
  • Added correct foliage around water areas to help further add to the visual aspect of the map.
  • Added foliage to the top of the big rock outcrop across the big bridge to again add to the visuals.
  • Added another water obstacle by flooding the bottom of one of the rock sections.


  • Fixed trucks spawning with clipped wheels inside the rock at the start.(Hopefully… :S )
  • Fixed double garage and fuel locators.
  • Fixed two different bridges with trees clipping thru them.
  • Fixed folder name inside zip file not matching zip file name.

V4.2 Change Notes

  • Adjusted water areas in the NW corner to be not as deep and added more areas to play!
  • Added two variations (Summer and Autumn, to compliment the two map variations included.)of the daytimes files to be manually installed if you wish these are based off of @MudHappy ‘s Ultimate summer mod.

Summer and Autumn Daytimes Intro

  • I have adjusted his mod in various ways but the main one being re introducing the fog but pushing it back to just at the max render distance to hide nasty pop ins.
    • Also the two variations (Summer and Autumn) have different days so during the cycle some days are cloudy/foggy some are clear. Summer has less fog in general where Autumn daytimes produce orange sunrises and pink sunsets with increased fog during the morning and evening hours and decreasing during the daytime hours!
    • Where summer is a bit less vibrant in the morning/evenings but has bright blue skies and bright days even the cloudy days are nice and bright with only passing clouds.

    Thanks again @MudHappy for introducing these files to the community as we can now produce enviornments to go along with our maps how cool!

    Thats all for now! Cya!







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    This isn’t even the map you show in the pictures why?

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