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Spintires: MudRunner Map – Shabashka v0.1 (02.05.18)


Author – Mihail130ZiL


Author notes:

Hello friends!!!
Here it is for you: the regular drivers for the holidays are a bit spree, they sit on the river, and there is nobody to work, and an offer has been received to you to work while the peasants are walking, payment is a big thank you to the well and moral satisfaction from the work done, who agrees, then drove!

The map was made especially for Gaz-53 by the author of pokemone , one more tractor with a coupling is also needed, also a non-wheel drive, I recommend Kamaz-55102 from Vitargan 177, the roads are not complicated, there is nothing to do on full-drive cars, but who wants to pass quickly is your right.
Partha built to just relax and ride on beautiful terrain.


Features of map:

2 garages (closed)
4 starting cars + 3 on the map
3 refills
5 sawmills
9 points of exploration
1 fellowship + 2 loading points
Size 32×32 (1024×1024)






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