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Spintires: MudRunner Map – Oxford County Trails

Author – SmarOneNine


Author notes:

My first ever created map its a Northern Maine forestry feeling simple trail map, I hope to improve with each map I build and I hope this is a solid start and you all enjoy it.


Editor notes:

First when I started playing this map I thought it was terribly boring. I had been driving for a bit in basically the same terrain and same bumps for quite some time. It started taking a little turn and things around started changing a bit, so I was thinking. ”Oh, I must be at the other end of the map already.” So I check out the map, and I’ve barley moved..

..So I kept on driving, things really turned around and I was enjoying it a lot. Thought it would be fitting to try out his map with one of his vehicles. My favorite vehicle of his, the Ramcharger. It took the map like a champ as one might expect, until I reach a crossroad where one trail goes up a steep hill, starting with a rock. Needless to say it did not make it up there.

All in all I really liked it, was a simple cruise most of the time but still enjoyable. for a first map it is really well made and I cannot see his improvements in map making.


Features of map:

  • Garage – 1
  • Trucks at spawn – 4
  • Fuel stations – 1



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