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Spintires: MudRunner Map – Offroad Challange

Author – Smed1981

Editor Notes:

What can I say about this map other than it is amazing! but what else do you expect from Smed?
There are a couple of trails you can take from the start, most of them link together at one point or another, Some are easier than the others.

This is quite a big map and will take quite a while to get through it. You start in one corner and are tasked with getting garage points and lumber to the other end of the map, this can prove rather challenging as you have all sorts of obstacles in the way.

I really liked the differences in the trails, one was this huge rock crawling trail and on the other side was more of a bogging trail.
Most of them are somewhat of trail-crawling trails and are a whole lots of fun!

There were about 2 things I did not like about the map:
firstly I do not like many rough edges, spikes you might even call them and secondly at one point in one of the trails there were these huge logs in the road, don’t get me wrong they can be fun but these were just so perfectly placed and spaced it felt unreal, also the size and location did not make a whole lot of sense in my opinion.
(oh and I don’t like how the terrain ”smooshes” together everywhere, but that is just something map makers can not fix easily)

All in all it’s quite amazing and worth the time, looks fantastic in the moment and it’s quite hard to capture with pictures.

Features of map:

  • Garage – 2
  • Trucks at spawn – 4
  • Fuel stations – 2
  • Lumber mill – 1
  • log station – 1



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