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Spintires: MudRunner Map – La Luna2

Author – Frank

Author notes:

La Luna2 v1 is a mountain level, with a lot of small roads, water & mut.
This is my first level, i have created. With a lot of fun making it,
i hope you have a lot of fun playing it.
The map is 24×2 by 16×2.

Play the game as usually, conquer the flags and fill the lumber mills.

Editor notes:

Here we have yet another fantastic logging map, with a roleplay feeling to it.
You start with 2 free slots, 1 truck that has 100%fuel and no damage and another with 100% damage. First thing you need to do is get the truck with garage points and deliver them. After that you will need to locate the garage trailer.
You will also find trucks with fuel and repair points.

I really enjoyed this map, it is right up my alley as a logging map, looks amazing and has a very natural feeling to it.
There are no really hard obstacles but that does not make it any less fun!

I had quite the road-trip, like a mad man I delivered long longs from one side to another, I was able to do so with out rolling over but most time was spent with the front wheels in the air.
The winch also saved me a few times, some corners are so narrow that it took me a long time to get through them.

The one bad thing I could find with this map is that there are a lot of custom objects, be warned it will take a long time to load up the first time.

Features of map:

  • Garage – 2 (Both locekd)
  • Trucks at spawn – 6 locked (2 free slots)
  • Fuel stations – 2
  • Lumber mills – 6
  • Log stations – 1
  • Log kiosk – 1
  • Cloaking points – 5






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