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Spintires: MudRunner Level – Torfaera

Author – Kent_BoBo

First off I would like to introduce myself, I am Kent_BoBo.
I am the newest edition to the team and I am very happy to be here and I will likely be posting here at least once every week(on mondays.)

For my first post I thought it might be suiting that I would post my newest map.
I call this map Torfæra and it’s a mix between trailing and rock crawling.

Author notes:

This map is inspired by the Icelandic nature that I use to explore as a kid, you will have a lot of dangerous cliffs, steep hills, sharp turns and be vary of loose rocks.
It starts off rather easy and simple, take a little route on a small pavement road that takes you around a mountain and past a few others, but once you go into the belly of the beast there is no turning back. Sometimes it’s just better to take the longer route.
There are some real tricky valleys all around so don’t get lost.
It’s a really enjoyable map with a lot of different paths and routs to take with some uncharted territory that needs some exploring. There is little to no wildlife, small trees and bushes have starting sprouting up and the mountains have just started developing moss.

I did all of the testing myself and I still really enjoy the map. Often I would completely loose track of time and just have fun after testing. Spent a few hours testing the map and a lot more just playing on it.

Intro Video.

Features of map:

  • Garage – 2
  • Trucks at spawn – 4
  • Fuel stations – 1
  • Objectives – 1
  • Lumber Points – 1
  • Cloaks – 5




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