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Spintires: Mudrunner February DLC – The Valley

As we enter the 3rd month of release for Mudrunner we are being greeted with brand new, fresh content in the form of a DLC. This will be the first DLC released for Spintires Mudrunner and features a great amount of content to be seen. This content is planned for February and will be free to all.

New Map: The Valley

To start off with, they are bringing out a completely new map called “The Valley” which is said to be a forest based map so you can expect dense regions of trees taking up the landscape. Whether it shall be easy, or difficult remains to be seen as we sadly do not have any screenshots to provide you with at this time, we will have to wait for the teams to show them in the near future.  I am hoping it to be somewhat of a struggling drive as long logging trucks and dense forests can really test the best of us in these situations, especially maneuvering with a heavy log load and uneven, slippery surfaces, and the deep mud that may be present.

It is said to be similar to the style of the Deluge map so players familiar with that map should feel right at home in The Valley map. There are two garages present. One you start outside of, and another which needs to be driven to, and claimed as your own.

This map can be driven as soon as you have finished downloading the update, so you will not need to finish the other Maps to enjoy this new one.

New Vehicles

The second piece of content they are giving us are three new vehicles, each with different characteristics and uses.

Firstly is the A-469, a powerful 4×4 vehicle which is suited to the harsh and demanding environment of The Valley. I am guessing it will be similar to the A-469 and the A-3151. A small, but capable off-roader.

Secondly we have the C-6317 which is a 6 wheeled truck that can have a vast array of attachments onto it. Speculating it will be based around the C-255 which is fantastic for logging and getting through the treacherous mud. Hopefully not too similar as new styles of vehicles are always welcome.

Lastly we reach the E-7429 which is a behemoth of  a vehicle. An 8×8 truck with a “hidden talent”. I can only imagine the size and destructive power this vehicle will bring to the table, assumptions from me are it is the big brother of the D-537 vehicle which bellows out smoke from the front. Although this truck may be slow and heavy, it will not be bogged down easily and can rescue vehicles with ease. The hidden talent remains a mystery as no word or clue of it is given. Perhaps something small to help us on our way or something vast that could be a game changer, we will have to wait and see.

New Vehicle Attachments

The third piece of the update is a series of add-ons for the new vehicles aforementioned, these are as follows:

  • C-6317 Spare Wheel
  • A-969 Spare Wheel
  • A-969 Fuel Canisters
  • A-969 Garage Parts
  • A-969 Utility Attachment
  • E-7429 Advanced Trailer Hitch
  • E-7429 Repair Kit
  • E-7429 Garage Semi-Trailer (Also compatible with the E-7310 from the base game)
  • Medium log trailer (compatible with some trucks from the base game)

This is quite the list as you can see, as we already have a Medium Log Trailer this seems to be something different, whether it loads different or it can hold more logs at once remains to be answered. As for the Advanced Trailer Hitch this could possible be a more versatile trailer connection allowing more trailers to be hitched as once, or a more stable connection to the host truck. Seeing what we have here brings much needed content to the new vehicles which should appreciated by many.

New Assets

Lastly rounding off the update are 3 new Assets for the modding community, these are:

  • E-7310 trailer hitch
  • A broken tree asset, which is currently only used on the The Valley
  • A dirt road terrain overlay type, which is also currently only used on The Valley

A small selection but to see we are getting new items for the Map Editor brings me great joy, I believe this is the first time we have had new updates for it.

The broken tree intrigues me greatly, it could be a small firn or a much larger tree covering the entire road so an alternative route has to be plotted. This could bring a totally new direction to map making as you could be driving a long, winding route and then have to backtrack on yourself to find another way to your objective.

The dirt road terrain is new Overlay which is also only available on The Valley, personally I am not a fan overlays as they can bring their own problems if it is used as a corner in the same terrain square but a new addition is a welcomed one.


This looks to be a fantastic update for all to enjoy and explored. The new fact sheets for the vehicles are coming along with weekly presentations for each so we can get a glimpse before they are released and see how they perform in their respective areas.

As of this post we do not have any images of the map, map assets or the vehicles so we will have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

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    MadPower Rc's
    May 30, 2018 1:31 pm

    Hey guys
    Been a while without pc
    Im yotally out of date about spintires or Mudrunner.
    Question…is there a way to enjoy that free dlc the valley? All that content in my spintires PC game?
    At first i fought was PS exclusive but then ppl talk about steam and install etc
    Any tip for me please?
    Would love to try new content…looks awesome!
    But at least on my steam account, installed yesterday spintires is still stuck on 03.03.16 build…
    Any tips i apreciate, thnaks

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