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Spintires Map – Pine Trails

Author – Sickpuppy

Don’t get me wrong when I say this a decent map but here is my honest opinion (look away now if you are easily offended):

I think the map has been made to a mediocre level at best for a 3rd map. I do not expect an A++ map by this time but I would expect to see at least some sort of improvement (look at Wrenchin Monkey as an example). Here are some of my reasons as to why I feel this way:

  • The roads instead of being blended together when they come to an intersection is just a big mud pit (this show complete laziness)
  • The distributions are lazy at best
  • The scenery is bland and boring

Author Notes:

Location of the map is mid Kentucky with lots of hills and a little bit of mud so it matters what truck to use so pick the right one so be careful 2 garages, 2 spawn, 1 fuelstation and spintires pluss but can be done with out it to like to say thanks to my my testers iceman and grim reaper without there help it could not be possible to get this map made

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