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Spin Tires Update 25/09/14

Reece Bolton, studio producer Oovee, has posted a update on the Oovee forum:

(text copied from the forum)

Good afternoon Off-roaders,

A few days ago I mentioned in a topic on the forum that I would be providing you all with information and details of the next update.

So to begin with, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding – a company of our size cannot work as quickly as a lot of the larger companies. But let us not dwell on what hasn’t happened, let us focus on what is to come. With the previous Dev Blog post outlining the basic overall plan of what is to be done, below I will provide you with the list of what we can see in the up and coming update.

This will be the first large update – the list reflects the workload that can be handled at a time and also allows for a shorter development time.

Bug Description
  –  Rocks bounce
–  Trucks fly through air when connecting winch
–  Supports can get stuck under ground
–  Manually loaded logs bug
–  MP Map not synced after disconnect and rejoin
–  When in MP lobby, buttons become greyed out when too many players join and leave
–  Unknown floating bug in MP
–  Remaining texture issues
–  Remaining terrain issues
–  Not all MP sessions show in lobby

Improvement Description
    ADD  –  HUD removal option for taking screenshots
TWEAK  –  Increase water depth allowance when vehicle has Snorkel (UAZ)
ADD  –  Single map saves
TWEAK  –  Controller inputs need to be Anolog instead of Digital (throttle/brake)
ADD  –  Freeroam camera
ADD  –  Mod support
TWEAK  –  Increase draw distance for high graphics settings

    ADD  –  Option to re-join last server
TWEAK  –  Chat box: Allow scrollability and toggle.
ADD  –  Show ‘In Progress…’ Games
ADD  –  Last truck used

Estimated Launch date: 22/10/2014
*The date shown is an estimation based on a primary analysis of the contents of the update. The date above is subject to change – upon work reaching development targets, if necessary, the date will be changed to reflect progress and circumstances at that time.
We would like to apologise for the delay, however, we are now back on track and able to bring you updates and more to the game in the future.
Happy trucking!
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