Spin Tires Plus

Author: Localhost
Source: Oovee

Text from the author:
SpintiresPlus is a collection of hacks for Spintires meant to alter some of the hardcoded elements.


v8: Forum thread
-Constraints drivable outside the advanced menu
-Speed improvement (mostly on menus)
-Garage/fuel/objective/etc icons on the external minimap
-Customizable truck-trailer link strength
-New, more convenient menus for map and truck selection
-Fix for another cause of invisible cursor (experimental)

-Fix for the invisible cursor bug.
-Fix for the invisible mud bug.
-Wireframe mode
-Camera not affected by steering
-Support for turbocharger and gearbox addons
-Wheelsets that require addons
-A new minimap in its own window. WARNING: multi-monitor setup required.
-Using developper tools outside the proving grounds.
-Legacy cloak behavior
-LinkedSteering that doesn’t trigger engine sound.
-Driveshafts no longer need to be along the length of the truck.
-Possibility to change the looks of cloaks on a per-map basis.

-New constraints between physical bodies (allowing creation of tracked vehicles).
-Allowing havok to handle more complex simulations.
-Using custom cardan joints.
-Hotkey to release the winch.
-Scrollable map menu.
-Right side camera view.
-Adjustable duration of game days.

-New menu to select what addons you start with.
-New, less forgiving, method to calculate difflock stress.
-Experimental support for tank-like steering. Does not mean “track support”.
-Changing the max angle of the cabin camera.
-Possibility to hide steam name+pic separately from the rest of the HUD.

-Snorkel support.
-Preventing automatic cabin camera orientation when driving.
-Preventing visual representation of damage on trucks.
-Locked trucks listed at the truck selection screen.
-Hiding the HUD (ex: for vehicle showcases or machinimas).
-Locking time of day at a specific hour.

-Removing the min/max restrictions on some XML parameters.
-Possibility to adapt suspension to each wheel set.
-FOV change. (Causes UI distortion, sorry it’s hopeless).
-Changing the number of load points needed to complete an objective.

-Fixes for the wheelmass bug (or rather: bugs).
-4 new wheel xml tokens, allowing to put numeric values for mass, friction and softness while keeping compatibility with players not using ST+.
-Disabling the “Game files differ from original package…” error when playing MP maps witch custom objects.
-Disabling suspension damage and speed damage (can’t separate the 2).
-Disabling the depth of field feature.
-Increasing mud rendering distance (up to about 4x), and terrain LOD (a bit).
-Unlimited zooming/unzooming.
-Killing various forms of autozoom.
-Preventing the game from turning off cruise controls when you engage the auto gearbox.
-Forcefully loading logs onto a trailer even if your truck is “incorrectly positioned” (at your own risks…).
-Restoring lumber yards in hardcore mode.
-Disabling cloaks, damage, and fuel consumption.
-Replacing engine powered winches by battery powered ones.
-Changing the winching range.
-Basic plugin support if you want to write your own code patches.

Each feature can be individually (de)activated in SpintiresPlus_config.xml.
This file is also the mod’s documentation.

Unzip d3d9.dll and SpintiresPlus_config.xml in the directory that contains Spintires.exe

There are chances that parts of this mod break at each game update. When that happens, disable all features, then enable them one by one (you need to restart the game between each try) and report what feature(s) broke. Then play without it/them until the next ST+ update.

Multiplayer compatibility:
I don’t play in MP so I don’t know.
BruteTerror reported that the AllowCustomObjectsInMP option works for real MP sessions (game version 03.03.16).

Legacy version compatibility:
Unknown. This mod doesn’t officially support Legacy ST, however some options might still work.

Legal stuff:
This mod, its source code, and the plugin’s source are distributed under MIT license terms.
That almost means: do what you want with them but don’t hold me responsible if anything goes wrong.

0.3 MiB


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55 Responses to Spin Tires Plus

  1. CrashX says:

    This is epic! I thought something funny was happening with friction…

  2. Anonymous says:

    this mod makes you drive in slow motion for some reason

  3. Kingpinn says:

    Does anyone know if this can be used at the same time as Sweet FX, and how to do so?

    • TeKno says:

      I was wondering same thing since this overwrights the d9d3.dll file which sweetfx usues. Hopefully someone can find a way to merge the two files =/

  4. TeKno says:

    This is truly an amazing and much needed mod for Spintires…greatly appreciated. Only issue is with X360 controller regarding camera view. When I set view with wheel mouse (zoom out) as soon as I touch swivel stick up or down it auto zooms in. If this could also be fixed would be a big help. Thanks again. 10/10

  5. Madpower says:

    Cool things.
    the mass of tires is basicly useless since game engine only work with pattern.
    about error message when files dif.-Does it mean we can play MP with someone who does not have same files or with maps with costume objects?
    -disabling suspension damage(nah…no fun,unreal)
    -depth of field,nice but wachout for frame drop)
    -same to mud rendering and zooming
    -killing autozoom-nice!
    -cruise control prevent-nice!
    -forcefully loading logs-nahh improve loading site or manouver:)and i can see issues there
    -lumber yards hardcore mode-No, this is simulator!!!shoul not even load auto at all
    -cloacks damage fuel comsumption-NO (and where is the fun then?)there not like there is much to do anyway you know?
    –baterry wichs-REAL NICE-hopefully now we can rool back up,after tipping over 🙂
    -wich range-awesome, although some maps/chalenges are study for convencional mesure…
    Ability to activate or not-Super…the most important

    Just give meticulouse opinion, hope you don`t mind…i`m sure many kids will love all the parts i didn`t like damage suspension etc 🙂

    Nice work mate….ah Localhost
    thanks for sharing

    • Gerard says:

      The main thing is we have more choices now! 🙂 I run with damage on and fuel on and run the night/day, but if I want I can change it, cool.

  6. Jon Madden says:

    I tell you what, I’ve never seen a game more fun to play, that at the same time is so buggy and frustrating. It still won’t load logs half the time (or more). How do I “force” it to load the damned logs? And thanks for the fix, it’s a big help 🙂

  7. DRpizda says:

    am i stil going to be able to play mp with this mod or does the other guy have to have it to

  8. trucker_bob says:

    hmmm dose not seem to work when you edit stuff like winchrange etc jsut stays like the default game weird

  9. trucker_bob says:

    hey mod do your job and put my msg on here why are you not adding them do you not do your job right ???

    • Spintires.nl says:

      I don’t know trucker_bob. Maybe it’s because this website is not my main job. The kind that brings money into my bank account. This site is a hobby for me, not a daily job.

      • Alan says:

        Admin keep up the good work.
        Most do not understand that this site is not a conglomerate run site and that it is not affiliated with oovee directly.
        I don’t mind when you fall behind and thank you for keep up the way you do.
        Considering the amount of work this site needs to be regularly(which lets face it is a lot), plus a life away from this. You have your hands full.
        If i knew how to do any of this, i would be willing to help.

  10. Alan says:

    For future reference, this is a tweak folks-not a mod.
    Mod=not originally in game-like user built trucks
    Tweak=originally in game-like the camera and winch

    In order to get things changed you have to edit the spintiresplus_config file. When in the config file, it explains at the bottom what each does and some give min and max settings as limited by the game itself.
    THIS DOES WORK IN MP and NO THE OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO ALSO HAVE IT. These changes only affect what is on your computer.
    This works in stable and legacy versions of the game.

  11. Gerard says:

    Thanks. I have reread the list and options.

    – Minus sign means no function. I missed that the first time. Now to start again 🙂

    I do like the options, I do not run with unlimited duel or damage, but really like the electric winch and extra winch distance.

  12. Aussie4x4pro says:

    so whats the go with the menu bar before u start the game and how it works
    and also whats the go with the Friction im alill lost with it
    everything else with this mod is great im loveing it

    helps me out when i needa test me maps

    keep it up

  13. Devin Eremchuk says:

    Please help I use the tweak but all I get is a black screen when I want to play why?

  14. daniel haskins says:

    how do i install?

  15. daniel haskins says:

    never mind I figured it out, also they should add the ability for a truck with big enough tires to float

  16. pat says:

    This appears to be an old version in the download link. installed it a couple days ago and i dont have any of the version 5 features.

  17. Pat says:

    The download link appears to be for an older version. I got it a couple days ago and don’t have any V5 features

  18. Matt says:

    This tweak is incredible, I love it. I also love my SweetFX, but can only have one or the other right? Any way to fix that?

  19. Dennis Yi says:

    When i join or start a MP game, it sends me to a black screen with the startup addons menu. Solution?

  20. Rangerlump says:

    I cannot get map menu scrolling to work =(. Anyone know how? I have skimmed the cfg and nothing is in there. I currently have to delete levels folder to an amount I can see.

  21. daniel says:

    could you make it that the camera doesn’t move when you go underwater and bounce the truck and such?

  22. Rico says:

    Tried this tweak last week in MP. Things went well, all except for the host…. He was the only one in the group that could not climb any hills, his vehicles all had very bad traction, regardless of the surface traversed.

    Any ideas?

    • daniel says:

      he needs to go into the config file and raise his offroad traction to 4.0
      or 40 I cant remember

      • daniel says:

        its 4.0

        • Spintires.nl says:

          It is now updated to 6.0

          • jagoebel1 says:

            I really REALLY like the flexibility that this gives the game. I can play in many different moods/modes/styles. The read-up/explanation at the end of the ST+ config file about everything is great. The only thing i’m having trouble with is the “Scrollable Map Menu” option. I was wondering if there would be a scroll bar to the right like in the trucks menu when you have a lot of truck mods installed. With more than 16 total maps installed (17 or more will create the 5th row of maps), it crops the top of the top row and the bottom of the bottom row of maps meaning you cannot read the title of the bottom row of maps. Was wondering if this was just this way for everyone or did I do something wrong on my install? AGAIN… I love the TWEAK because it allows for great flexibility in play styles. Thanks again for all the hard work on the mods and this site.

          • jagoebel1 says:

            I also cannot figure out where I would set the “keybind” for the winch release either. Can anyone help with that or the original post of mine (No Map Menu Scrolling) ???

          • daniel says:

            you need to go into the config file and find those things then delete the text next to them that says no and change it to yes. then exit the file and agree to save

  23. rags13 says:

    When I edit the configs on notepad and why it keeps saying access denied when I tried to save it? It does the same on wordpad.

  24. ~{DCMT}~ Ryu says:

    I think the link here is still pointing to v4? — same file size and there are none of the v5 or v6 entries in the config file.

    • Spintires.nl says:

      That is definately weird cause i use one name for the zip and its content should be the v6 version. I’ll double check.

  25. Redlers says:

    Hi I have the 3 files spintiresPlus_config.xml , d3d9.dll , antTweakbar.dll where do I put the files into ?? thanks

  26. Redlers says:

    trying to get wench working when I tip over

  27. Darien Seminoff says:

    It’s awesome but for some reason after I installed it Spintires won’t remember it’s settings I customize, like key board control settings and the graphics settings.

    When ever I leave the game and restart it it opens up like its a fresh download of Spintires, default key sets and settings. It’s quite annoying… Even if this isn’t at fault Any ideas how I can fix it?

  28. Josephyong. says:

    Why the spintires plus v8 stop working?

  29. Rhilianis says:

    Ok, seems that v8 is crashing my game to desktop no matter what settings I use in the config file. I hope it isn’t just me and that a ‘fix’ will be forthcoming. Until then I will just have to use v7.

  30. Ruben Roos says:

    Will you update the mod to work in the new Spintires Mudrunner?

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