Spin Tires Editor Object

Source: vk.com

This is a pack of object which can be used with the Spin Tires Editor. A totall of 91 object ranging from houses to trucks to signs. Use them to make a map more interesting.

Info from Vitaly:
1. Unzip the downloaded file; 2. From the resulting folder copy the folder unpack Media at the path: c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Spintires Combine Tools \ if he asks for it or replace agree; 3. Start the editor and check the job!

Spin Tires Editor Objects
Spin Tires Editor Objects
Spin Tires Editor Objects.7z
89.6 MiB

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  1. This will be useful to many of my vanilla maps. Is there also a way to add more trucks to the spawn? In level, The Hill, you spawn with three trucks, can you change the number of slots to another number?

  2. hey um i have a feeling this is out of date when i go to test my map its telling me file is broken or old versoin