So long and thanks for all the fish..

Yes for you nerds out there that title sounds familiar. I borrowed it from the HHGTTG because it did not want this post to be all dramatic.

Basically this post is me saying thanks for all those thousands of visitors my site,, has hosted over the past years.
From a humble personal website hosting some maps and mods for the game Spin Tires to a site which now does an average of 5Tb download traffic each month. It has been a blast building this and to see it grow to where it is now.

But times they are changing and my personal life and work do tend to get bigger slices of my spare time these days so it has become more and more challenging to keep the site properly stocked with quality mods and maps. So after debating with myself for quite a while I have decided to sell the site to a new owner. Which has now been done.

As of today I step down as commander-in-chief, editor and all other imaginary titles you can make up running a site by yourself. From this day forward all content will be added by our new editor Hazzard. Some of you might recognise the name as he is a mod maker himself. Hazzard has already been posting this past week and by the looks of it i can leave the site in his hands without worry.

This step also means that any and all requests for mods or maps, send to me personally, to be put onto this website will be forwarded to Hazzard. You can also just mail to [email protected] to place a request for your mod to be placed on

So, without further delay, congratulations to the new owner of this site and congratulations to Hazzard for becoming the new editor.




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