SID Jeep YJ Flat Fender

Author: SID

This a yet another great crawler mod. Excellent as a scout vehicle or for having a fun trail course on NW Trails or any other trail based map. It has one addon, spare wheel, and nothing else. But you really don’t need more, the jeep is more then enough to keep you happy.

And here is some more eye candy:

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SID 1987 Jeep YJ Flat Fender
SID 1987 Jeep YJ Flat Fender
SID 1987 Jeep YJ Flat Fender.7z
6.2 MiB
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6 Responses to SID Jeep YJ Flat Fender

  1. Randy says:

    Awesome Jeep YJ! Looking forward to the release.

  2. james says:

    yo sid why do you guys post shit to show people then take another month to finish it up dont post your trucks till there done

  3. hashblunts420 says:

    This is looking fantastic, Iv’e enjoyed the hell out of your other mods and can’t wait for this one, keep up the great work bro!

  4. Randy says:

    A great Jeep YJ. Thanks for releasing this. I love Jeeps!

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