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Siberian Winter Map Version 1

Author of Siberian Winter Map – BloodRage


Author Note

I decided to remake the old map for the winter conclusion is not worth it to do a lot of hemorrhoids. Easier to make a new one!
“Siberian Winter” – A continuation of an old forgotten map.

The practical map on the landscape has not changed, in some places raised roadsides and fields for the implementation of snowdrifts, added more forest thawed land, difficult snowdrifts, in some places dynamic ice is present Caution! The river is not quite seized, in some places the ice is thin! Changed a little sawmills, The test took place on everything that moves: D

The mod must be in the archive for the card! Since the card was made for him. Installation is nowhere simpler, copy to the game directory by replacing the Config.xml config! Wanted to remove the mod returned the old Config.xml! Version of the winter mod v 3.0 – I will write a description of the winter mod when I update the mod on the site, after the test, I added new functions and effects, it is not known, there may be drawdowns if it annoys you, turn off the dynamic snow without leaving the game “The signal is off engine “I don’t recommend signaling each other in a cartoon, turn off Dynamic Snow for a friend, as it works by signal vibrations!

Whoever has a third-party mode on the graphics or some other, you may have problems with Config.xml It will not pick up textures, even if you clear the cache, it will only be treated by reinstalling the game. I have no idea what this is connected with. This applies to any mod!

Features on the map

– 1 Garage (closed)
– 3 Refills
– 6 Piloram
– 1 Lumbering 2 loading points
– 9 Intelligence Points
– 2 random cars (Anything can be)
– 5 cars: Kamaz – 4310 Coupling Garage parts (Closed), Ural-375 (Short dissolution loaded), Ural-375 (Closed), Kraz-255 Fuel tank (Closed), Ural-432010 (Closed), 4 Kraza-255 (Replaceable)


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