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Ryazan bogs Map Version 1.0 – Mudrunner Mod

Author – dmitriy1815


Author Note


Let’s ride through the autumn Ryazan marshes? They say there are mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan. They are eaten, but they are looking. Therefore, we do not look at the mushrooms, but bring firewood.

A small village in the middle of a swamp. You are asked to take a car to the central garage (2 pcs), as well as a garage trailer from the surrounding backyard. Any Zaporozhtsy with a garage can be transported on board the platform, so as not to get stuck in the swamp. Loading ramp is. Well, and then you can take for real work – transport the forest. In the district there are many selection points (scavenge), as well as scattered logs – short, medium and long. But there are also traditional kozles – two whole pieces. To one place of cutting down the road is dirty and farther away, but past filling, and to the other – covered with fragments of fir. But it is possible and straight through the swamps to break through, they are not too hot.

Features On the map

many reconnaissance points
1 garage (closed)
1 refueling, but there are cars and trailers with fuel.
2 loading points and 2 logging sites
Collection points and secret logs
6 saws
4 slots for cars, 11 points balance.

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.






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