Mudrunner Mod Maps

REF – Abandoned Logging Map Version 1.0

Author – evg29

Auhtor Note

The map is made up of refs taken in the editor.
and from the site STMods (to the authors of refs Valeryan78, Dmitry Chesnokov (Dimon64rus),
Sergey Nevraev (Prince of Silence), thank you).
You have to with the abandoned logging to take the wood to the sawmill.
Two roads lead to the logging site, one through the swamp,
the second along the lake. Which one you choose is up to you.
On the map you need to find Kraz 260, after you find the garage parts and open the garage to repair
and fill the Urals and Maz, then transport the wood to the sawmill. Sawmills are in different parts of the map.

Map size: 32 to 32.

On the map:
10 exploration points
1 Garage (closed)
2 Gas stations
1 Timber and loading point
6 Sawmill
6 cars (4 to choose)

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