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Oshkosh JLTV

Author: Professional, repair

Oshkosh makes these really clunky yet capable trucks and this JLTV is no exception. It might not look that sweet as a Bregel truck but it gets the job done. Plus it has a surprise onboard!

Draconus spintires mod dev:
These are the fixes i did to this mod….
I fixed and added all proper texture extensions in mesh files and corrected the textures themselves with proper extension naming
I added specularity lines and reflectivity lines to mesh xmls
I corrected pavels arm idle animation constantly the left arm would
clipp through the drivers door and shifting was fixed too—simple fix and he shifts with right arm know
chassis textures and gun turret textures were improved ,original size was 1024 was increased to 2048 and cleaned up a little bit
Some how the author managed to have the wrong texture format names which all textures were in DDS format yet alot of them were png,tga format in mesh xml texture lines and were never working to begin with since the engine couldnt find them so fixed that as well for all mesh texture lines…..
Have fun with this mod…Happy offroading—-Draconus

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    Aug 27, 2016 12:50 am

    OshKosh does NOT build clunky anything. They are the number one high-tech heavy duty rig builder in the U.S.
    The JLTV is the best Joint Light Tactical Vehicle built on the planet. Clcunky bit capable my A** ! LOL

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