Nissan Patrol 2005

Author: Unknown, ronnie, HAG. Addons: ronnie, HAG. Wielen:. ronnie, HAG Load boards. hz888

A really good mod of the Nissan Patrol 2005. Tires choices and addon choices plenty and the truck really does deliver when it comes to overcoming obstacles and mud etc

Nissan Patrol 2005
Nissan Patrol 2005
Nissan_Patrol 2005.7z
18.4 MiB
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One Response to Nissan Patrol 2005

  1. Christopher says:

    So I downloaded this mod soon realized it is nothing like the raptors and all the really powerful stuff but because of that this vehicle is a good challenge and a weak engine is nothing a winch can’t fix but to the maker I recommend a power boost but other than that this vehicle has all the right stuff, good interior, right attachments, and it is just fun to drive.

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