Moving.. again..

You might have noticed the site occasionally has a time out which is never a good thing so i decided to move the site to a bigger badder server.

This move is now being prepared which might or might not result in a downtime for more then just a few minutes. Might be, if everything goes south, several days.
But don’t despair, this site will continue to deliver the goodies. We just need to move to a better place to do so without timeouts ;).


Update #3:
Where is update #2 you might wonder. Well that died on the replacement server which is now tossed into the junkyard along with all the problems i got when i moved the site there. I have switched back to the old server. Which occasionally borks out on me and you and i am now looking into other hosting options.

Update #1:
Installing new VPS server now. Octacore proc / 32Gb mem / 2TB disk.

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