Mods updated

file updateMods have all been updated to the latest xml settings and filenames have been renamed where nescesary.

Total replaced 174 times: “blending=”default”” => “Blending=”alpha””
Total replaced 1911 times: “Glossiness” => “Type”
Total replaced 178 times: “Transparent=”true”” => “Blending=”alpha””
Total replaced 2035 times: “__da” => “__d_a”
Total replaced 96 times: “LoadAddon.*=” => “LoadAddons=”
Total replaced 133 times: “Dynamic.*=” => “DynamicModel=”
Total replaced 9 times: “IsSfx=”true”” => “Type=”sfx””
Total replaced 9 times: “Additive=”true”” => “Blending=”additive””

Which means no more black squares underneath a truck and windows should be transparent now. The list you see above is the result of a tool which is currently being worked on that can automate making changes in xml files and rename filenames. That tool should be released within 1 week from now.

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