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Marijn & Tattoo Spring Weight Tool V2 – Spintires Modding Resource

Authors – Tattoo, Marijn

This is the updated version of Marijn’s Spring Weight tool. It fixes all bugs that existed with the last one. This tool is useful for both the aspiring Spintires Modder or the experienced. Really easy to use and well worth the download.

How to install Spring Weight Tool video:

Weighttool V2
Weighttool V2
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    Sep 10, 2017 7:32 pm

    Hey all. I appreciate the credit that Hazzard gave me on this but to be honest, all the credit goes to Marijn for writing this. Altho, it was my initial idea for this to make the springs look realistic, I only tested it to make sure it worked correctly. Brute Terror came up with the idea for the Top/Bottom weight as well as the offsets. So some credit goes to Brute as well. If Marijn comes back to the game, I have another idea, if he can code it, to make this even better.

    Thanks Hazzard for hosting this.

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