Maps 14

Map – Pine Forest

Author: Marcel79
Source: right here

The Pine Forest map is a bit of a challenge. Yes the garage on the map is locked, but you can unlock it. First you have to unlock a truck and then use that truck to rescue the truck stranded in the water. Challenging map, not bad for a first map from this author. Looking forward to more!

Latest stable by: King Unique

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  • Reply
    Jan 27, 2015 4:21 pm

    What is the green truck you are using in this map?

    • Reply
      Jan 27, 2015 11:33 pm

      It’s a M35A2 from the US army. Hopefully coming out soon. Test driving it for the author.

  • Reply
    Jan 28, 2015 12:45 am

    The famous deuce and a half. Love it

  • Reply
    Jan 28, 2015 6:01 am

    This seems to be a decent map. But I am confused as to why a pond has current/flow…

    • Reply
      Jan 28, 2015 11:30 am

      Big fish, REALLY BIG Fish! Try to catch some with the 7310’s wrecker attachment, let us know how it goes! 😀

  • Reply
    evan colwell
    Jan 28, 2015 9:48 pm

    i really want that truck

  • Reply
    Jan 29, 2015 2:40 am

    not working for me I have the legacy verson but is said not responding any help

    • Reply
      Jan 29, 2015 11:58 am

      Should work now. I fixed the map for legacy.

  • Reply
    Bill Papps
    Jan 31, 2015 9:06 pm

    I owned a m35 that had been cut down to 4 wheels. Great beast of a truck. Last pic I know of can be seen on I am waiting my my 47 KraZ 255. Shame it cost more to ship then I payed for the truck. Great map this Pine Forest.

  • Reply
    tyler stambaugh
    May 30, 2016 11:42 pm

    when can we expect that beast of a deuce?

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