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Map Preview

Author – Chris Nelson 

Authors Comments:

Do you like to work the crane? Do you like to solve interesting challenges? Then I have the job for you!

Our rival loggers ran out of money. Then the bankruptcy administrator made a mess of their operations before pulling everyone out and shutting it down. There are still loose logs in there, but all their trucks are either busted up or out of fuel. What the administrator didn’t realize, though, is that there’s still fuel in the fuel truck’s cistern.

Their gates are locked, but we can sneak you in by ship. Use their fuel truck to re-boot their operations, get their garage rebuilt, and then scavenge any logs you can find. We’ve got trucks parked at the perimeter ready to accept all log sizes. Fill them up, and we can profit while our rival goes down the tubes.

Features of Map:

– Garages – 1
– Trucks at spawn – 1
– Fuel Stations – 1
– Objectives – 3
– Lumber Points – 0 (loose logs only)
– Cloaks – 0
– Requires Spintires+ – No

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