Map – Evans Creek

Author: MoeRon
Testing: SID, Brute, Serious, Hazzard

Look up Evans Creek on YouTube to see some really great footage of an excellent 4×4 area. It has everything, from water crossings to rock crawler areas and everything between. And then download this map and have that same area in Spin Tires. You can do logging runs as well but really this map is about low gear exploring of multiple paths through the forest. It also features a good rock crawl area and lots of incredible terrain layouts that have that realism feel to them. Excellent is one word to describe this map!

Good news. Evans Creek is now also playable in the latest_stable. Download this zip and copy paste the files into the Media folder. It replaces the Proving Grounds level.

Level Evans Creek Wa ST15 Replace Proving
Level Evans Creek Wa ST15 Replace Proving
level_Evans Creek_Wa ST15_replace_Proving.7z
71.0 MiB

If you like my maps consider making a donation. Thanks, MoeRon.

Level Evans Creek Latest Stable
Level Evans Creek Latest Stable
level_Evans Creek_latest_stable.7z
48.7 MiB
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35 Responses to Map – Evans Creek

  1. Danieldan5152 says:

    You do not have permission to access this document.

  2. justin says:

    when i past files in it does not replace proving grounds. comes up in main map selection and says it is out of date or missing file. i renamed map files to proving ground . now it says my proving ground is out of date or missing a file

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      If you want to use as the proving map your must rename it to level_proving.stg/ If you want to use it as in Single or Multiplayer..
      Name the map level_evans creek.stg/level_evans Add only the LEVELS folder to your clean media folder and you will be able to see the map and play online without renaming the map or anything. (if you add the classes folder it will crash out, custom objects arent supported yet).

  3. benjamin says:

    wont work it says “cant load level_evanscreek – file either broken/missing or old version ” and ive only add the level folder to my “zip” media folder.

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      Download the correct one for latest stable. And read other posts to get it working.


      • Ram3500AllTheWay says:

        (want to play multiplayer/single)
        When I insert the file into the spin tires folder I can see the map and when I go to start, it says missing or broken.
        I did what you said about only putting levels in,
        But still doesn’t work

        PS: do you have any idea when maps will be added to the workshop?

  4. daniel haskins says:

    how do I get the zip folder all I get is he 7z file

  5. Derrick says:

    This isn’t working. Lets me load the map in multiplayer lobby, but grays out the “start game” button.

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      I am having no issues loading the map. We have played mp with this map on latest version of spintires. You CANT have anything in you media folder, ONLY LEVELS. And you also need to deselect certified mods.

  6. Joao says:

    tried everything above, still get same problem as others mentioned

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      If a suggestion hasnt been posted yet on what you guys are doing wrong, then I have no clue how to help you. These maps have been played by me and many others in single and multiplayer. Obviously something on your end.

      Thanks – MoeRon

  7. Rip says:

    I followed your directions Moe. I copied only the levels folder content into my clean media folder. When I open an MP lobby, I can select the map, for which the thumbnail is just solid black, but there are no startup trucks and start game is grayed out. Any suggestions?

  8. chris says:

    Not sure whats going on,
    im using 25.12.15 current version, i have no other maps installed.
    and play with workshop trucks,
    i installed this map to a clean media folder and my MP mode is disabled,
    i deleted the proving ground map name that came with this zip and still MP is disabled, i varifyed cache still disabled….
    i cant get my MP to work with this map… but i seen others playing it…..

  9. chris says:

    it works now, i misunderstood, hands down one of the best maps ever… hard core 4×4…. we need more from you, and people need to understand these maps are for hardcore trails, not for logging..
    this is spintires on CRACK.
    it puts to use truck mods and really makes trucks WORK.

    • MoeRon (moderator) says:

      Thanks man, new map in progress.

    • Chris says:

      Just in case anyone else is here looking for logging maps – you *can* do logging on this map using the standard trucks, but it is a real challenge. At least using the route we took, it may only be possible in MP just because of the giant volume of towing needed on steep slopes (you kind of have to be able to attach the winch while keeping the power down because the parking brake won’t hold you). You’ll need some sort of audio connection as you’ll find yourself shouting “argh, no, stop!!” to the person that’s towing you somewhere around 150 times. We completed the single objective in 4.5hrs with three people in MP. There are no log kiosks so it can only be completed in Casual mode.

      Just wanted to post here in case people were tempted not to try it – this is an amazing map and extremely rewarding. I don’t want to give anything away but some trucks are better than others here, and be aware that long towing slogs up hills will munch through your fuel pretty fast.

      If you’re looking for a tough MP logging challenge with the stock trucks, this is so far the absolute best map my MP group has tried.

  10. chris says:

    To install map
    Download top link
    Only take the 2 files out of levels that says evens creek
    put in you spintires folder/media/levels
    NOTHING ELSE…. it will work.

  11. DamexGaming says:

    Ok, I got the map in the game. But I can’t choose any trucks. The area where it says “Starting Trucks” I can’t choose anything

  12. Gage says:

    For me it wont load in proving grounds, am I doing something wrong. I put it in Steam/SteamApps/common/Spintires/media/levels
    Am I supposed to change anything cause I followed the instructions in desc.

  13. Fourbyfour says:

    Excellent map. Took a couple tries, and by a couple I mean like 30. I had every issue described above but eventually it just worked. This map takes the game to the next level of awesomeness.

  14. 98TJ says:

    cannot get this map to open in MP. works on single player. i believe i have the folders set up correctly. media/levels. i deleted the classes and extra stuff in media folder and still no good. any help would be appreciated.

  15. Brett says:

    Gives me the same message. Broken/missing file. Did Chris’s instructions EXACTLY. No luck.

  16. hoanns says:


    1.2. dont download latest stable, it will either say “game files differ” when you try to start the map OR old/missing files when you delete everything except levels.
    1.2 delete and proving.stg from levels folder
    2. instead download the link above “level_Evans Creek_Wa ST15_replace_Proving”
    3. delete every folder except levels
    4. ???
    5. PROFIT

  17. hoanns says:


    1. don’t download latest stable, it will either say “game files differ” when you try to start the map OR old/missing files when you delete everything except levels.

    2. instead download the link above “level_Evans Creek_Wa ST15_replace_Proving”

    3. delete every folder except levels

    4. delete and proving.stg from levels folder

    5. PROFIT

  18. traggled says:

    saying its broken help please. its in media/levels

  19. Neodarian says:

    This map isn’t working anymore…? Keep getting broken/missing error. Latest version of Spintires isn’t compatible? Downloaded maps again,, cleared cache, no matter what i do, the error message appears.

  20. Neodarian says:

    Never mind, solved it….didn’t try everything…my apologies.

  21. Young-Gamer says:

    Excellent map. Here is a brief video showcasing some of the areas. Extremely atmospheric landscape and a sense of achievement once you break through the treeline and admire the view.

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