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Map – Elki2

Author: S@ShooK

Another map named Elki2. Lots of road to be driven but do not be fooled.. there is also a lot of mud to get stuck in if you drive of the path!

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    May 02, 2015 12:52 am

    i did like Elki but Elki 2 nearly does all wrong what a second map from someone can do wrong :/ .

    Copy & Paste is everywhere(at last it feels like it) here, the street is just long whitout any hard way, from Lumber to the 12! objectives (ony 6 spots but always 2), you nearly just drive 24 times (12 if you bound a 2nd truck on your first) times the same way, its just get a little longer for the last Objective.
    The nice shortcuts he did laste map are gone, the only realy good here is that the search, find, use feature whit the vehicels got extendet here.
    We did play this map whit 2-3 player (okay we also did some brakes) but in all we did take over 10h (10h,43m) to complet All objectives, so solo you would take whit the normal trucks around 20h+

    We have here 2 Garage(2 locked) ,1 Lumber, 2 Fuel and 12! objectives

    My suggest for this map is , play it not solo, decloack and unlock all trucks + garages and drive only one of the always 2 objectives that would be a okay 5/10 map but if you do all 12objectives it’s goes down to a 2/10.

    If the map creator reads that, dont make 2x Objectives everywhere and dont just stretch the road to the maximum, build more hard ways to drive in your maps that it is a challenge but dont creat a mud hell where you just get stuck over and over or creat again shortcuts where are dificult and try to make a map where you dont only drive xtimes the same road 🙂

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