Maps 6

Map – Dolina

Author: Boogie Man & Alexander98

A valley map. Basicly a valley with muddy roads riddled with sticks. Still fun to explore and decloak so go ahead and download!

** map updated:
Because of numerous complaints, the map has been fixed, which includes a change: -Removed branches from roads. -Added trucks now on the map: 2 KamAZ, KrAZ 2, 3 Maza (2 D537 1 E7310), ZIL 1, 2 Ural and UAZ removed, as were complaints that it is not needed.And now, all the trucks are more or less whole. Map You start in the Urals and Zile. -Removed swamp the garage. – “Invisible” swamp became visible. -Added 3 refills. -Now Map 5 sawmills. -Reduce the number of points of intelligence. It changed the position of trucks, and now they are scattered all over the map.

Latest stable by: King Unique

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