M.A.N. KAT 4×4

Author: LetsRockAndRoll


This truck is a pleasure to drive (IMHO).  It handles well, plenty of wheel travel and flexibility, and enough pep to get it up to a pleasant jog.  I found AWD and Diff lock were only needed in extreme cases.  Most roads and tracks can be tackled without.  It has great traction.

It’ll haul short logs (nice touch: you can let down the tail gate so those pesky longer logs can poke out), it can use the cistern trailer, the utils trailer, and has a trailbed with complete roll cage for when you want to go cross-country.   It has various other standard add ons, and three sets of tires.  The optional Roll cage has repair points, and depending on your config you can also add an extra fuel tank.

It takes a lot of punishment – I drove it around a lake – in the water, and it was like a little submarine!  I did lose my load at one point while tackling a rather steep bank sideways, as I rolled my truck into the water.  But the lil’ trooper just righted itself and was able to drive on as if nothing had happened.  Great stuff!  Very forgiving for idiot drivers like myself.  All in all, a good wee all-rounder.

I think I’m in love.




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