Level – Yugoland

Author: lukasz98/ŁP

Description by author:

So, there are a lot of Russian or USA themed maps, but for some reason no one ever made Balcanic one, despite off-road popularity of this region.

And here it is.

Size: 32×32
Trucks: 4 Urals, 1 MAZ 535, 1 MAZ 7340, 1 Zil 130, 1 KRAZ 255, 1 GAZ 66, 2 Kamazes + 4 Trucks of your choice
Garages: 3
Objectives: 2
Custom models: Yes

Best to drive in Hardcore mode.

Expect both hills and mud, and don’t rush, if your truck falls into the river from the cliff I doubt if you can save it.
Yes, I know about twiching fence near 1st garage, but I can’t fix it as my new PC throws some errors while using Editor.

Level Yugoland1.1
Level Yugoland1.1
192 MiB
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8 Responses to Level – Yugoland

  1. Mikro_88 says:

    How do you install these types of maps? the only ones that worked for me is the ones that just come with 2 files. Not all the other folders

  2. Leofred says:

    Cant load map – verson either older or broken

  3. Jim Zip says:

    just like back in nam!

  4. Foxxy1243 says:

    where do i put the custom models.

  5. Cody says:

    Too bad there are absolutely no cloaks. Maps aren’t fun w/out cloaks.

  6. GeneralTragg says:

    I started a game on this map tonight and it appears to be broken now. When I try to drive through the tunnel or over bridges they just fall apart and destroy my truck. Which is weird, it worked fine last time I played it but that was 6 months or so ago

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