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Level – Wilderness

Author: ActionJackson

Text by Author:

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-I design this map as wilderness map, there is no road you can follow, you are to expected to make your path as you go.
-You may well enjoy some 8×8 action on this map, if you dont mind the vehicles size and its inherent problems.
-You can not shortcut, there is no road.
-Driving logs is usually short and tricky, distances are not large.
-The load sites are not created equal, each one has a goodie, some fuel, “least distance” or a crane, pick your poison.


*You enter the garage and see an old man, army boots, olive drab clothing, mud up to his knees,
his hands black with thick oil, tools in a side pocket, he extends his arm to greet you*

Zdrastvooyte comrade tovarish!

Welcome to your new post, we are in big trouble comrade, i am glad to see you.
One week ago, Sergey and Dmitry went out to bring fuel south,
toward the log camps in order to prepare for another log delivery the next day.
They had vodka rations for only about 2 days and they set out late afternoon.
But they never returned, we are not sure what happened or where they are now.
They are both heavy on the bottle i fear the worst, they may had an accident at night.
On top, a 4320 and GAZ, both gone. See if you can find anything out there.

*He walks to a nearby desk, lights a cigarette and inhales deeply while he looks down over a paper*

Well…, you have been assigned here to take over their operation till we know more.
We are in the far south-east part of russia, and down south deep in the forest are lumber camps
operated by north korean labourers.
Since noone officialy knows that the camps exist *he smiles*,
there is no road network toward the camps, none, there is just wilderness.

These poor devils down there work hard shifts for small rubel tovarish, but we poor devils have to take
trucks there to get the damn logs.
Another ship is comming in and we need to deliver or we have hell to pay when the boss
hears about ships waiting and doing nothing. *he looks uneasy* This cost a lot of rubels!!!

Blyat tovarish, the terrain is firce, it will be a hard 1st day for you!
I hope to see you again comrade, dont get lost out there, you hear me!?

*he takes a good look at you, waves goodbye and disapears in the back between piles of spare parts*


– 1 Garage
– 1 Fuel
– 3 load sites, each with kiosk and lumber.
– 5 Objectives
– 7 Truck slots

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    Sep 15, 2016 10:07 am

    A good chunk of the map, thanks

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