Maps 1

Level – West Fork River

Author: Spoke01
Source: Oovee

text and screenshots by Spoke01


ST Game version: 03\03\16
Map version: v1.0
File Date: 07\21\16
Type: Discovery and logging
Grid Size: 32×32 (64×64)
Custom Items: 0 (zero)

Fuel Stations: 1x
Fuel Tanks: 2x
Lumber Stations: 1x
Log Kiosks: 3x
Lumber Objectives: 2x
Garages: 2 (both locked at start)
Cloaking: 10x

Available Truck Listing:
uaz469 (2x)
zil130 (2x)
ural4320 (2x)
kamaz6522 (1x – with 1 add-on)
maz535 (1x)
maz7310 (1x)
zil130 (2x – 1 with add-on)
gaz66 (3x – 1 with add-on)

Empty garage slots (4x)
Available Add-Ons: (total of 5 garage points)
Garage Tool Cart (large 1x – 2 garage points)
Garage Tool Cart (small 3x – 1 garage point each)


The West Fork River is the name of a river which runs through the city where I live in West Virginia, so I thought I would include it in a map for Spintires. It seems to fit in just right.

The game begins with both garages locked. You will have to discover the location of the truck with the “Garage Tool Cart” (2x garage points) and at least 2x of the available 3x “Garage Tool Carts” (1 point each) to open your choice of garages (...not hard to find). I’d suggest starting out with one of the uaz469’s to find and remove at least most of the 10x cloakings, then start on the garage point add-ons. Many of your basic objectives are located along “grass and dirt paths” which are really hard to spot using the mini-map, so keep your eyes open for them.

It will be up to you to select the trucks needed to complete the map (most are already available).

NOTE: You should think about having at least one(1x) “rescue truck” ready as soon as possible and possibly one(1x) fuel truck for re-supply. Remember, because both garages start off locked, drive carefully around the map until you have at least 1 garage unlocked.


From the Author:

This version (v1.0) has been tested and seems okay. I hope you enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please leave your comments on here as to it’s “pros and cons” and what you think of this map. The more comments I get, the more maps I will create. Of course, a great THANK YOU goes to Schlammspringer for help testing this map.

Ken H.
(“spokelips01” or “holbs” on Steam)

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    Aug 13, 2016 8:33 pm

    It’s a lovely map, well laid out with lots to explore. For people like me though that like to explore off the bat with a certain favourite vehicle, it’s not so good. Make sure you pick a vehicle to add that you don’t mind driving without garage parts and one that can tow a lesser vehicle. I played and explored for hours last night and only found 1 garage point trailer. Then i had to go find a vehicle that would tow it since a winch cable wouldn’t attach to it. I brought back the horrid Russian 4×4 and the trailer wouldn’t hook to it, so went in search for another and found the blue 2wd pickup. I dragged that back and the trailer hooked to it and then i dragged both back to the garage, and there’s 2 garages to unlock. I did end up restarting the game and picking a vehicle that was nice to drive without the garages ( 10×10 )
    Maybe on the next map, you can have one garage open from the get go and the second locked? I like to trail and explore maps, i’m not into the challenges from the off. Stunning map though and i’ll go back to it.

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