Author: Spoke01
Text and screenshots: Spoke01

This pure logging map is of the West Fork Canyon area, which lies just down-river a few miles from the terrain covered in my West Fork River map from a year ago.  Both canyon “cliff-tops” sit on either side of the river and couldn’t be more different from each other.  One side has standard logging roads and “paths” and the other consists of a mostly open terrain where you will be selecting your own route(s).  There are also “trails” running along the bottom of both sides of the river’s edges (CAUTION – RIVER CONTAINS AREAS OF DEEP WATER).
All areas of this map can be challenging, so you might want to have a suitable “rescue truck” ready and a fully loaded “fuel truck” to resupply your trucks, if needed – both before you even think about delivering lumber.
Cloaking is used on this map, but only where I thought it would enhance, not hinder, your gameplay.  Using the A-469 or the B-66 will do the job of uncloaking these just fine.  I’ve done it, you can too.
Also, the latest version of “Spintires Plus” is highly recommended…
3x Lumber objectives
1x Lumber supply yard
2x Lumber kiosks
3x Fuel tanks
7x Cloakings
2x Garages (1 locked)
9x Trucks available
     1)  1x C-4320 (at starting Garage)
     2)  1x B-66
     3)  1x A-469
     4)  1x C-6522
     5)  1x D-535
     6) & 7)  2x K-700
     8)  1x B-130
     9)  1x C-255
      …also)  2x Open slots at starting Garage
Author – “holbs” on Steam and “spoke01” on  Oovee
There might be slight terrain errors because of the Editor screwing up (…you might not even notice them).
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