Level – West Fork Bogs

Author – Spoke01

Another great map I recommend you all to check out.

Authors comments:

1x Garage (unlocked)
1x A-469
1x C-4320
2x Free truck slots

On the map:
4x Discoverable trucks
1x Fuel station
1x Lumber station
4x Lumber kiosks
4x Cloakings
5x Objective stations

About the map:

“West Fork Bogs” (WFB) is the third and last of my “West Fork” series of maps for Spintires. It has been designed as a pure LOGGING map.

WFB is located down-river from the West Fork Canyon area. All that is left of the mighty river are a couple of water-soaked bogs, which can be a real pain to drive through. The hilly “bottom-land” area is surrounded on all 4 sides by a raised, dirt road. There are multiple, intersecting roads, paths, grassy trails, etc. for you to use in your quest to deliver your log loads. Many of the roads, etc. have areas which are soft and mushy, especially after numerous “drive-throughs”. Occasionaly you will need your winch if you are carrying lumber, especially Medium or Long logs, but usable winch points are numerous. Because there is only 1x garage and 1x fuel station (besides the Garage), you will need to plan ahead before heading out on your missions.

The 4x cloakings are located in fairly accessible locations (I’ve unlocked all of them while driving the A-469).

I would highly suggest having at least 1x truck setup for rescue and maybe carrying extra fuel.

The “N” arrow on the map stands for North. After hitting F1 to see your overhead map, find the “N” and keep it to your North.
This keeps this map orientated with game your map’s driving compass. It will help you from getting lost.

The roads are bumpy, the water can be deep and the mud is so-so – ENJOY YOURSELF !

Spintires Plus is highly recommended for use on this map.

Brought to you by:
ken Holby – (spoke01)

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