Level – Thumersee


Author – Norsa

This is the first map from Norsa and I think he has done a pretty good job.

It has a bunch of logging roads on it and a couple of small trails. It is quite basic in the way it has been laid out but it gets the job done for a logging map.

The style I believe he was going for was a dry desert theme. Usually, this theme can be quite boring to look at but this map I think has enough detail to keep it somewhat interesting.

Finally, I think as a first map from Norsa this is a great effort.  cannot wait to he what he comes up with next. Grab a couple of logging trucks and some friends and have a pretty good time.


Garages – 1
trucks at spawn – 4
Fuel Stations – 1
Objectives – 4
Lumber Points – 1 with 1 Kiosk
Cloaks – 0
No spintires plus required

Notes from author:

This map was made for logging with some trails to explore.  Thanks to all of my fellow DCMT members for play testing with me.

Recommended Trucks;

Scout vehicle – 94 DCTM Hardbody (
Scout vehicle – Jeep Pack (
Logging Truck – Kraz 5131 (
Secondary back up logging truck – Man HX-80 (

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