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Map – Tatra Story

Author: tata007007

Tatra Story map – 18.10.2015

Single player:
1.If you want complete this map, swap please only this thrucks:
– Maz 535
– Tatra 815 TerrNo1

2. Notes for manual load:
– 1xBig Stump = 6 short logs = 2 points of objective
– 1xLog Heap = 6 short logs = 2 points of objective
-use trucks with carriages. (short logs carriages)

Tatra 815 TerrNo1 is not full compatible in multiplayer!!!


Map – TATA007007
Beta test – Korvetak, Maztekk, Premdag
Trucks – Patholog and Spintires community
Tatra 813 – Zidon155

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    Nov 08, 2015 12:01 am

    Is this compatible with the latest update in October? I can’t seem to get it working. When I start the game, the map or trucks won’t load. They show up in the spawner tool in proving grounds, but I can’t spawn anything from the mod.

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    Jan 21, 2016 5:00 pm

    I wanna contact the developer of the map.
    I couldn’t find a link for direct contact,so here it is:
    Since I encounter bugs in the version for legacy,can you tell me how to run the map for the latest version ( I think it was 25.112.14) no sure tho,anyhow in Multiplayer.
    Mey and my friends are trying to beat the map since december,and so far no luck. we spend like 20+ hours on it,but there is always something that stop us,and thats why we want to get to the newest version.
    you can use only 2 medium carts for all of the 4 players (and if some of you screw it and loose the card,it’s over.)
    you can’t just push the ready up wood in the trucks,it disappears when you connect the dots.
    If you click on the wrong load in the lumber yard,game crashes.

    We will be rly happy if you can tell us,how to run it on newest version,or atleast how to run the stable one.

    And thats for the great map,it’s very fun to play and the challenge is good.

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    Jan 22, 2016 8:18 pm

    … Tatra Story and the latest stable version: the complete change of truck structure in latest stable means that tatra trucks included in map wont be compatible anymore. Maybe i make version with stock russian trucks, but with changed gameplay.
    … Legacy: I was making this map 5 months, and most of the time i was fighting with Spintires limits. Singleplayer is OK. Multiplayer includes bugs, but your bugs i never hear.
    User Sterling on this forum can disappear multiplayer problems in my map. U can contact him.

    And don´t forget that my second map TATA Story is Tatra Story map after twenty years…

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