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Level – Skidder Use

Skidder Map 9

Author – TheSovietConscript

I had never really had heard of ‘Skidding’ before this map but with some research I can appreciate what it is.  A skidder is basically any type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest then  transports the cut logs from the cutting site to a landing.

Notes from Author:

IMPORTANT TO SWITCH K-700 for a skidder or other forestry machine from steam workshop

level_skidderuse is a map designed behind skidder logging in canada its a small map with a few skidder trails and is a bit tricky in spots it is my 1st map so maybe a few flaws  but I did try to fix them should take and hour or so to complete.

Welcome to the Skidder Run series
I am creating a series of maps intended to simulate life as a skidder operator in a Canadian style of logging operations these maps will all have the kirovets700 on them and is intended to be swapped for LKT81 skidder or other forestry/farm machinery

After a week of hard rain the sun comes out and its time to finish the cut. The ground will be soft and the skidder trails will be a bit tricky. You be the only operator going back to the site. The rest of the crew have moved onto a new site. We need the the last of the to be logs skidded out to the landing so highway trucks can start hauling them to the mill.  Fuel will not be sent to landing site but a deal has been setup with the local huntsman and in exchange for some logs for his own little mill. He will let you have your fill of diesel.

See you at the next site!

Map Features:

  • 1 garage
  • 1 fuel
  • 2 cloaks (real easy)
  • 1 self load
  • 1 auto load
  • 4 objectives
  • 4 trucks
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